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Now available at
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A Knucklehead
in 1920s Alaska
By Norma
Huss and 
Bill Collins

Trade paperback now available at Amazon.com 

William Collins, at age 88, taped his stories of a young man who had traveled to Alaska during the mid-1920s to earn money for college. 

These stories cover three years in Bill's life as a  hot-headed teenager who survived hunger, earthquake, stomping caribou, and icicle frost.
He learned about stopes, sluice boxes, powder smoke, and the Festival of the Midnight Sun.
 In his own words, Bill was a true knucklehead.


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 Now available at
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"Cherish can't be my name It doesn't sound right. But who am I? Is this the way people go crazy?"

Kayla shouldn't have taken that strange girl's hand, because that's when 
Everything changed. How about the date on that tombstone? If she doesn't find a way back to her own body, and her own time..,

"And, wasn't it the twenty-first century?
What's with the date, October 1946?
That can't be right.
It's the same school, sort of. The same town, but different."

if SHE is Cherish, 
Kayla will die in four days.

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