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I enjoyed this ghost story. It's part ghost story, part mystery and also part time travel. I'm a big fan of time travels and loved the chance to go back a few decades to see what Kayla's home town was like just after WWII. The juxtaposition of teen life then and now was interesting to read about. I also enjoyed the mystery of learning what really happened to Cherish. I think Cherish was my favorite character, too. Her personality was very entertaining. 

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"Cherish can’t be my name. It doesn't sound right. But who am I? I should have listened better in that mini-psych class in middle school. I've heard of bi-polar and multiple personalities. I think. Is this the way people go crazy?"                      

Kayla shouldn't have taken that strange girl's hand because that's when everything changed.
        "And, wasn't it the twenty-first century?
        What's with the date, October 1946?
                  That can't be right.
                   It's the same school, sort of.
        The same town, but different."

But, if SHE is Cherish, how about the date on that tombstone? If she doesn't find a way back to her own body, and her own time..,
           Kayla will DIE in a few days.

Norma Huss - Young Adult Mystery - CHERISH