THE DESERTER and Other Stories, my volume of short stories.

My short story, "Herbs To You" appears in Fish or Cut Bait, published by Wildside Press, April 2015

Norma Huss - Shorts  (Stories and Otherwise)


My shortest story ever was in celebration of Sisters in Crime's 25th anniversary. I was one of several Guppies (that's a SinC chapter) who wrote 25-word mysteries. Here's mine.

Fast Eddie fleeced a dozen dowagers, then showered gems on Sweet Sue. Bang, Bang, he's dead. Sue beat the rap with airtight alibi---times twelve.

As one of the 52 authors, I contributed two short shorts  ("The White Widow" and "A Long Look Back") to this 25 YEARS IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR, a  permafree e-book published in 2012.  Available at:    Amazon  Smashwords 

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Published November, 2017. Available as paperback

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"The Guppy Connection," my contribution, is one of sixty in the Sisters in Crime volume,

Writes of Passage. Published in 2014, it won the Agatha for Non-Fiction.

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