"A short mystery featuring two mature sisters who like to solve mysteries. I liked the short, snappy dialogue between the sisters. . ."   Amazon 5-star review

". . .Mysterious persons encountered. . . Entertaining unraveling of the mystery. njoyable afternoon reading.   Nook 3-star review

Jo Durbin and her sister Sylvie visit a home for sale. When a black cat crosses their path, is it bad luck? Or, does the black cat lead to solving a crime?

   Yesterday's Body - Book 1

     An EPIC eBook Finalist


"This who-dunnit will keep you amused and interested all the way through."

Amazon.com 5-review

"WOW! Great read. Love Cyd. Love the world Norma created for this mystery on the Chesapeake. Could NOT solve the mystery. BRAVA Norma." Goodreads 5-star review


"You project just the tone and attitude I love to read."  Chris Roerden, Author of the Agatha, Award-winning Don't Murder Your Mystery.

"The char­ac­ters’ var­ied back­grounds blend into a story you won’t want to put down until you find out who the killer is."  ​Amazon.com 4-star review. 

In YESTERDAY'S BODY , Jo Durbin knows one down-side of acting the homeless bag lady. The police will never suspect one of those beautiful people she works with. Nor will they believe that Jo just happened to find the very dead Francine.

Hidden Body - A Jo Durbin Prequel  

DEATH OF A HOT CHICK is the story of a young widow trying to survive, a ghost with an agenda, and the boat they share.
"Find my killer," the ghost of Nicole demands even before Cyd finds her employer's body. But that isn't so easy with overly helpful family and friends, an annoyingly helpful ex-boyfriend, and suspects who try their best to forestall her efforts. Even worse, that nagging ghost has still more questions, but absolutely no answers.

     Death of a Hot Chick

      A Cyd Denlinger Mystery

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Norma Huss - Mysteries - Jo Durbin & Cyd Denlinger Series

Forgotten Body - Jo Durbin Mystery                           Book 2

Jo Durbin, embedded reporter, covers a reenactment of America’s forgotten War of 1812. Piece of cake. Action, faux dead bodies, pretend battles, and everyday lives of the RVers (Workampers)—all fodder for her pen. Except there’s a real body, forgotten in the grass. 

With the victim’s checkered past, suspects multiply. When children are endangered, Jo follows a figment of her imagination despite any help or hindrance from her sister, a friend, and the man who wants to be more than a friend.

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